Phil's Puzzles

Welcome to my Puzzle Page!

I love creating and solving all sorts of puzzles - and as I'm under strict lockdown it's keeping me sane (just!)

These are mostly crosswords at the moment: cryptic, vocabulary and thematic: I'll be adding Wordsearches and other things as time goes by. Some of the thematic puzzles have a cryptic and a straight version - in those cases the answers are the same in each.

Click on one of the puzzles on the list and have a go ... if you want you can send any comments/suggestions/jokes to me at

Note: These are all completely free - there are no subscriptions required and no advertising, no usernames or passwords or any of that malarky - . I do this just for fun!


All the puzzles include these buttons:

  • Reveal - reveal the letter at the cursor position
  • Reveal Word - reveal the word at the cursor position
  • Solution - reveal the whole thing
  • Revert - clear the whole thing
  • Check - see if the letter, word or entire puzzle is correct (the system places crosses on incorrect letters)
  • Save - saves what you've done so far (select the appropriate puzzle from the list next time)

1950s Films 01 (Straight)
1950s Films 02 (Straight)
1970's Films 01 (Straight)
1980's Films 01 (Straight)
1986 Films 01 (partly cryptic)
Battles 1 (Cryptic)
Battles 1 (Straight)
British Cities 1 (Cryptic)
Capitals 1 (Cryptic)
Capitals 1 (Straight)
Cryptic No 1
Cryptic No 10
Cryptic No 11
Cryptic No 12
Cryptic No 13
Cryptic No 14
Cryptic No 15
Cryptic No 16
Cryptic No 17
Cryptic No 18
Cryptic No 19
Cryptic No 2
Cryptic No 20
Cryptic No 21
Cryptic No 22
Cryptic No 23
Cryptic No 24
Cryptic No 25
Cryptic No 26
Cryptic No 27
Cryptic No 28
Cryptic No 29
Cryptic No 3
Cryptic No 30
Cryptic No 31
Cryptic No 32
Cryptic No 33
Cryptic No 4
Cryptic No 5
Cryptic No 6
Cryptic No 7
Cryptic No 8
Cryptic No 9
Famous Ships 1 (Cryptic)
GWR Castles 1 (Cryptic)
History 1 (Cryptic)
History 1 (Straight)
Large Cryptic No 1
Large Cryptic No 2
Crosslink 1
London Underground Stations 1 (Cryptic)
Small Cryptic 01
Science 1 (Cryptic)
Science 1 (Straight)
Straight 3
Straight 1
Straight 2
British Rivers 1 (Cryptic)
WW2 RAF Aircraft 1 (Cryptic)
(includes Fleet Air Arm)
WW2 RAF Aircraft 1 (Straight)
(includes Fleet Air Arm)