Collocations Quiz Example 1a
Freeform puzzle
David M Merchant

Word List:
***Not all words are used; no word is used more than once.

  • achieved
  • achieves
  • address
  • addressed
  • adopted
  • arrange
  • arranging
  • attempts
  • authority
  • collected
  • collecting
  • commits
  • committed
  • conducts
  • exercises
  • gave
  • made
  • make
  • makes
  • provided
  • provides
  • said
  • showed

Revert: clear all your entries (the puzzle becomes blank again).
Check: Check your answer (sometimes does not work for partially typed-in answers). If the answer is incorrect, the incorrect letters are marked with a red X while the correct letters are left alone.
Save: save your progress.
Submit: sends you to a page that lists your correct and incorrect responses. Not really useful for this puzzle. 
PDF: (link located below the puzzle) allows you to download the puzzle as a PDF.