Herald News Media Entertainment Puzzles

Welcome to the Herald News Media Puzzle Page!  Choose a puzzle from the list below that is surrounded by blue highlighting.

For WORD SEARCH puzzles, drag your cursor over the words you find while holding down the left mouse button. Click and hold at the first letter of the word and drag your mouse to the last letter of the word and then let go of the mouse button to select the word.

IF the word you selected is one of the words in the list on the right of the puzzle it will turn red in the list.  When you are done with all your selections hit the submit button on the left.

AFTER choosing a CROSSWORD puzzle below:

Click on a number clue in the grid and begin typing. You can't mess anything up so try the other buttons and interaction until you are comfortable using our puzzles. An explanation of the BUTTONS is at:


Words in the Sky Word Search
The World of Harry Potter
Various Harry Potter Topics