Harvest Festival 1/10/21


The Harvest Festival on the 3rd of October this year, is an event celebrating the successful gathering of the year's food grown on the land. Often celebrated in churches and schools, people are encouraged to donate fruit and vegetables to those in need. The Harvest Festival is a time for feasting, celebrating and giving thanks. It is also a time for honouring those who grow and reap crops. Can you fit into the puzzle grid all the words listed below related to this celebration? When you have completed the whole puzzle, can you rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to reveal a connected word. We have given you one word to start you off.

ALLOTMENT                          DONATE                       LAND

AUTUMN                                FARMERS                     OCTOBER

BASKETS                               FEASTING                    PARISHIONERS

CELEBRATION                      FESTIVAL                      REAP                

CHARITY                                FOOD                            SCHOOL                                                  

CHILDREN                             FRUIT                            SEASON                       

CHURCH                                FULL MOON                 SUNDAY                          

CONGREGATION                  GROWN                        THANKSGIVING

CROPS                                  HARVEST                      VEGETABLES