Greeting The New Season 29th April 2020

Can you place all the May Day related words listed below  correctly in the grid. When you have completed the whole puzzle, can you unscramble the letters in the shaded squares to reveal a radiant tree bloom

3 letter words      7 letter words      8 letter words      10 letter words   

MAY                        ANCIENT            CROWNING           CHEESE RACE

5 letter words        BANKING            DECORATE           PROCESSION

BELLS                    BASKETS            DISPLAYS             SPRINGTIME

FAYRE                    BELTANE             FESTIVAL            11 letter words            

FETES                    DANCERS           MAY QUEEN         CELEBRATIONS         

FLORA                    FLOWERS           VACATION            WOODEN STICKS

PAGAN                   GODDESS          9 letter words        WORKERS MARCH

6 letter words        HOLIDAY             ACCORDION         13 letter words

CHURCH                 MAYPOLE          CHRISTIAN             MORRIS DANCERS

EIGHTH                   PARADES          FERTILITY

FRIDAY                    RALLIES            PENTECOST

MAY DAY                 SINGING            RELIGIOUS

PUBLIC                    VILLAGE           TRADITION

SEASON                  WHITSUN