Gone With The Wind 19/8/21


The Word Fit grid looks just like a crossword puzzle with words instead of clues. The challenge is to fill in the puzzle by fitting in all the words listed below relating to the Wind weather conditions. Keep in mind that two or more words can fit into a space, if you choose incorrectly, you may be unable to fit in all of the words. One word has been given to start you off.

4 letter words            7 letter words            9 letter words

 BLOW                         CHINOOK                  CROSSWIND

 CALM                          CYCLONE                 HARMATTAN

 GALE                           MISTRAL                   HURRICANE

 GUST                           MONSOON               NORTHERLY

5 letter words              SIROCCO

 BLAST                         TORNADO

 FOEHN                        TYPHOON

6 letter words             8 letter words

 BREEZE                       DOLDRUMS

 SIMOOM                       EASTERLY

 SQUALL                        HEADWIND

 TRADES                        WESTERLY