Eggamples Word Fit 14th March 21


The Word Fit grid looks just like a crossword puzzle, but there are no normal clues. Instead you must find the right place in the grid for each word relating to EGGS listed below. Keep in mind that two or more words can fit into a space, if you choose incorrectly you may be unable to fit in all of the words. One word has been given to start you off.

3 letter words                6 letter word                 8 letter words

 LAY                                 BOILED                         BARNYARD

 RAW                              7 letter words                MERINGUE

 SHE                                ALBUMEN                     OMELETTE                            

4 letter words                 CHICKEN                     9 letter words

 DUCK                             CODDLED                     FREE RANGE                     

 YOLK                              CUSTARD                     SCRAMBLED

5 letter words                 POACHED

 FRESH                           SOUFFLE

 FRIED                             WHISKED