A Christmas Pageant 22/12/21


Nativity plays are now incredibly popular throughout the Christian world. Schools and churches put them on to varying degrees of success every year and many of us will remember holding our breath when finding out which part we'd been given.

Its origins, however, lie in the 13th century. Pope Francis' namesake, St Francis of Assisi, is believed to be the first to create a physical nativity scene in 1223 to remind the local population that Jesus was born for them, as he was born into a poor family like theirs and not to a rich family.Can you complete the puzzle below where all the words are related to The Navivity. One word has been given to start you off. When you have completed the whole puzzle, can you rearranged the letters in the shaded squares to reveal an associated word.

3 letter words      5 letter words                              8 letter words

 GOD                     GIFTS              MANGER            AUGUSTUS                                                 

 INN                       HEROD            STABLE             EMMANUEL

4 letter words      JESUS               VIRGIN              NATIVITY          

 BABY                    MYRRH            7 letter words   NAZARETH

 BORN                   PEACE              ANIMALS         9 letter words

 GOLD                 6 letter words     GABRIEL         BETHLEHEM

 MAGI                     ANGELS           GALILEE         INN KEEPER

 MARY                    CENSUS           MESSIAH       SHEPHERDS

 NOEL                     DONKEY           PROMISE      SWADDLING

 STAR                     JOSEPH            SAVIOUR       12 letter words    

                                                          WISEMEN      FRANKINCENSE