Resort 1st Anniversary Wordfind (Sep. 2022)
The Las Vegas 2069 Resort Community

This clue formatting is not optimal, but it's what I could configure with the website's limitations. To view/print the puzzle with the words next to the grid, here's a pdf:


3 letter words: BOB: Palindromod // SID: One of the first guest players // SIP: Pedro's favorite command (discord)
4 letter words: CASS: Vibe curator? (discord) // CULT: Alt-right aspiration, maybe? // DOGS: Gods // FLEX: It's weird but okay // NBNP: First stream's "All good now" // OHIO: A River; or a familial term (discord) // SOUP: Best food for a mod (discord)
5 letter words: AGAIN: Ironically repetitive // AMPHY: Driver in command (discord) // BEZOS: Lowkey billionaire bff (stream) // JACKS: A strong pair in poker (discord) // MOOPS: One who always brings the hype and the [26 Across] // NEONS: 2069 color scheme // OSKAR: Hot cold sweeper (discord) // SONGS: Exclusive previews (stream) // SURGE: Foster's favorite pale feline weapon? (stream) // SWORD: Outdated symbol of authority // VISOR: Pick its color (stream) // WATER: What Lake Mead and Sophie are both lacking (discord)
6 letter words: FOSTER: Cultivate, as a resort community // GIFTED: Invited? // JULITA: Natural board leader (discord) // PASTOR: ___ Future? // SOPHIE: Wise apiarist
7 letter words: AUR NAUR: Exclamation of disappointment or distress // BANANAS: Royal pet (discord) // CRYPTIC: A hated clue (discord) // GODLITA: Las Pagan religious icon // LA PALMA: Longest resort volcano coverage (stream) // NATALIE: Booba? (booba) // SOPHBEE: Figure of pagan art // VOIDCAT: Two floating irises (discord)
8 letter words: BAGUETTE: Not enough breadflesh (discord) // BIBLICAL: Related to a book often misquoted // BWFHEART: Typed display of affection // CAPTIONS: The ritual call // CHAINSAW: Cutting edge technology // DIEDRATE: An extremely thirsty pagan is fated to ___ // ELMOHYPE: Your emote reaction to this puzzle (discord) // LANDLADY: No "Ahoy, Sir" (stream) // LEVEL TEN: Reverse ad blocker? (discord)
9 letter words: ARROGANCE: "Do not mistake my passion for what people call ___" (stream) // CROSSWORD: Current activity // PET PHOTOS: Resort taxes (discord) // PINEAPPLE: Contentious tropical topping (discord) // TWO LOVERS: They dream in color
10 letter words: COLORBLIND: No sense of huemor? // DEV AND KYLE: Those responsible for bringing about a great loss or destruction // EUROVISION: The other music competition (discord) // LITTY TITTY: Luminous pectoral (stream) // TAPADAZONE: Greetings, wherever you are! (discord)
11 letter words: APEX LEGENDS: Storied game of old (stream) // EVANGELICAL: Joel Osteen, e.g. // GARLIC BREAD: It's for the kids? (stream) // RESORT MOGUL: Top of the right bar (discord) // STUDLYSTONE: Home to grift tale links
12 letter words: INTERVIEWING: One of the streamer's talents // PINGS-AND-PINS: Your calling to fun (discord) // THE WILD YEARS: Protracted period of unexpected events, colloquially
13 letter words: BUNNI AND BODHI: Real chainsaw wielders // HENRY PHILLIPS: No one could be a better resort chef // NORM MACDONALD: Nah, he's a good guy // THE OPENING ACT: We voted our hearts out, but that stage just wasn't ready for [17 Across] // TIMEZONE PEEPS: Brothas from anotha motherland (discord)
14 letter words: BOOMER STREAMER: Septuagenarian content creator // THE FOLKS AT HOME:  They're gonna need some kind of explanation
15 letter words: FUCK MY BITCH TITS: Pagan expletive (stream) // THE ORPHANED ONES: Stray notes? // WHAT’S MY AGE AGAIN: Punkish anthem now permitted
16 letter words: BISEXUAL LIGHTING: LED saloon doors // EXCLAMATION POINT: Start or end of a command
19 letter word: WELCOME NEW LAS PAGANS: Greetings to the gifted (stream)
20 letter word: CHEESELESS QUESADILLA: Terrible Taco Bell order, or our streamer