PD: All Puzzles to the People
A Collaboratively Clued Puzzle
The Maker-Faire-Goers of October 3 and 4, 2015

This raised-fist puzzle was constructed by one person, and clued by over a hundred people. Passers-by took words that needed clues out of one hat, wrote clues for the words, and put them in another hat. I took them from there, and this puzzle is the result of their collective cluing! A note on editing: Clues are maximally true to what was written on the slip of paper, with words only added or omitted to keep the part of speech true to the answer. Clues were written by humans from 6-? years old. They are AWESOME. Click "PDF" in lower right to print or to get a better view of the puzzle image, because it's awesome, too. Other collaboratively clued puzzles and process-photos from the weekend at tinyurl.com/democrosswords and www.participatorydemocrossy.com