>>Sample Puzzle<<

This is a sample of a crossword puzzle using only generic restaurant related words.  We can create puzzles from easy to difficult and include words relevant to your establishment as well as include your logo where you see ours above. 

Clues will be created focused on your chosen words that will require indepth knowledge of your business and your menu.  The idea is for your customer to have fun while they are learning more about what you have to offer.  If they are doing the puzzle while in your establishment they can simply look at the menu; or if they are completing while at home or office they can review the menu through the hyperlink we will build in to the description.

Puzzles can be completed on desktops, laptops, cell-phones or mobile devices.  We can also include a limited number of "Cheats" to be able to reveal a letter.  For this sample we have include (3).

Give it a try.