Greg's Crosswords

Welcome to my crossword puzzle page!

Puzzle Basics: 
Weekday puzzles are usually 15 square and occasionaly 17 square in size.  Weekend puzzles are usually 21 square in size.  For english words, you'll find a mix of American, Canadian and British spellings;  although I do my best to let the clues reflect the required spelling.

For you competitive solvers, each puzzle has a timer that starts when you click on the grid to start solving the puzzle. When you’re finished, you can click “submit” to log your completion time. I’ll let you know how you did compared to other solvers.  And yes, it's possible to cheat by clicking on the "reveal", “check” or “solution” buttons - but that wouldn’t be fair now, would it?

Print a Puzzle:  Prefer to solve a puzzle the old fashioned way?  Look in the lower right hand corner of the puzzle page for a link to open a PDF of the puzzle.  You may have to scroll down to see it, depending on the size of your monitor.

 If you have completed a puzzle with pencil and paper and just want to see the correct solution, go to the puzzle page and click the “solution” button. 

Click on the puzzle you want to solve and enjoy!

Child's Play
Sunday, November 1, 2009
Comical Quip
Thurrsay, October 29, 2009
Sunday October 4, 2009
Model Trains
Sunday October 25, 2009
Name That Tune
Sunday October 11, 2009
Nods North
Sunday September 27, 2009
Occupational Hazards
Thursday August 28, 2009
Parliament Hill
Wednesday September 30, 2009
Prime Time
Thursday October 8, 2009
Very Punny
Wednesday September 23, 2009