This puzzle includes these buttons:

  • Reveal - reveal the letter at the cursor position
  • Reveal Word - reveal the word at the cursor position
  • Solution - reveal the whole thing
  • Revert - clear the whole thing
  • Check - see if the letter, word or entire puzzle is correct (the system places crosses on incorrect letters)
  • Save - saves what you've done so far (select the appropriate puzzle from the list next time)

Crosslink 1
Phil Platt

A crossword with a twist. Each answer is a word that links the two words in the clue to form a new word or phrase. The first word in the clue goes before the answer, and the second goes after it.

For example, the answer to the clue Rain/Fall (5) would be Water - which makes Rainwater and Waterfall. In the same way the answer to the clue Sky/Light (4) would be High - which makes Sky High and Highlight.

Have Fun!