Phil's Puzzles

Welcome to my Puzzle Page!

I love creating and solving all sorts of puzzles - and as I'm under strict lockdown it's keeping me sane (just!)

These are mostly crosswords at the moment: cryptic, vocabulary and thematic: I'll be adding Wordsearches and other things as time goes by. Some of the thematic puzzles have a cryptic and a straight version - in those cases the answers are the same in each.

Click on one of the puzzles on the list and have a go ... if you want you can send any comments/suggestions/jokes to me at

Note: These are all completely free - there are no subscriptions required and no advertising. I do this just for fun!


All the puzzles include these buttons:

1970's Films No 1 (Straight)
1980's Films No 1 (Straight)
Battles 1 (Cryptic)
Battles 1 (Straight)
British Birds 1 (Cryptic)
Capitals 1 (Cryptic)
Capitals 1 (Straight)
Cryptic No 1
Cryptic No 10
Cryptic No 11
Cryptic No 12
Cryptic No 13
Cryptic No 14
Cryptic No 15
Cryptic No 16
Cryptic No 17
Cryptic No 2
Cryptic No 3
Cryptic No 4
Cryptic No 5
Cryptic No 6
Cryptic No 7
Cryptic No 8
Cryptic No 9
GWR Castles 1 (Cryptic)
History 1 (Cryptic)
History 1 (Straight)
Large Cryptic No 1
Large Cryptic No 2
Crosslink 1
Small Cryptic 01
Science 1 (Cryptic)
Science 1 (Straight)
Straight 1
British Rivers 1 (Cryptic)
WW2 RAF Aircraft 1 (Cryptic)
(includes Fleet Air Arm)
WW2 RAF Aircraft 1 (Straight)
(includes Fleet Air Arm)