Mark McClain's American style xwords

This is a collection of odds and ends that didn't seem to fit anywhere . . . specialties, novelties, odd sizes, quirky themes. Enjoy, but don't take them too seriously!

Appalachian Trail Highlights - Georgia to Maine (7/2015)
Take a Pee (easier) (7/2015)
Shame on you! Check dictionary definition #1
Take a Pee (harder) (7/2015)
Shame on you! Check dictionary definition #1
Diagnostic Mixup (6/2015)
Malpractice? No, just some silliness . . .
Unthemed 8 (5/2015)
Think 'Glee' for 40-Down
Around the World (4/2015)
In memory of Joseph Leon, the best H.S. language teacher ever
A Familiar Series (4/2015)
Most of the standard rules of crossword construction are abused in this puzzle
Mr. Ice Turns to Crime! (4/2015)
This gets my vote for the cutest puzzle title
Tree Huggers? (3/2015)
45-Across was played by Spencer Tracy in
. . . Live, or . . . Memorex? (3/2015)
Alternate title - Me Siento
Rime Thyme (2/2015)
This puzzle is not very well versed!
Tricky (7/2014)
This small unthemed 13x13 puzzle has some deceptive clues
Triples (3/2014)
A Sunday-size puzzle with a simple theme
Wicked (2/2014)
A small themeless 13x13 puzzle with some deceptive clues
Dons' Milieu (2/2014)
Off to Merry Old England for a trivia challenge
Alien Invasion
Get On Board!
Celebration of the one-year anniversary of Amtrak service to Roanoke, Virginia
Cats 2
Cats 2
Fanfare For an Uncommon Turtle
Cats 3