Encouraging Words
Using the King James Bible

Use words that affirm your love to your family members.  Use words that build, words that delight the heart, words that give strength to face life's tasks.  Words that give gentle comfort, sweet meditations, healthy ideas, lofty visions, challenging dreams, joyous emotions.  Use words that excite, elevate, and uplift at the same time as promote clear thinking, understanding, discernment, and wisdom.  Praising words, affectionate words, passionate words, edifying words, friendly words, exhorting words, clarifying words, kind words.  Words that show that you like them just the way they are.  Use adjectives to describe them like: precious, wonderful, valued, prized, esteemed, appreciated, cherished, treasured, dear, loved, highly regarded, of great worth, dearly beloved, pleasing, one who rejoices the heart.  Say often "I love you." "I really love you." "I am so glad you are my child." "I thank God every day for you." "You are precious."


Solve this puzzle by looking up the verses given, and finding one word that can be used as a verb that would give a good way to speak.  Sometimes a form of the word is used, or a modern spelling.