The Competitive Edge with Gilbert + Tobin

The Competitive Edge Cryptic Crossword #2
with thanks to Justices Sheppard, Wilcox and Spender


In Jewel Food Stores v Amalgamated Milk Vendors Association Inc [1989] FCA 796, Sheppard, Wilcox and Spender JJ criticised the complex drafting of section 45D(1) of the Trade Practices Act 1974, and in particular its "quadripartite structure", noting that:

In practice this has meant that, rather like a cryptic crossword, one has to sit down pen in hand and attempt to work out the various permutations and combinations of first, second, third and fourth persons in any particular factual circumstance.

Times have changed, and one no longer has to sit down pen in hand to work out this cryptic crossword; one can complete and submit it below – of course though one is also welcome to print out the PDF and return it to to win a dubious prize for oneself or one's loved ones.