The Competitive Edge with Gilbert + Tobin

The Competitive Edge Cryptic Crossword #1
with thanks to Justice Wigney

In CDPP v Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited (No 5 - Indictment) [2021] FCA 1345 Justice Wigney famously said:

Those responsible for drafting the cartel offence provisions in the C&C Act – none of whom could possibly have ever set foot in a criminal trial court before – appear to have approached the drafting task as if it were akin to producing a cryptic crossword. The offence provisions, when read with the extensive definitions of the terms used in them, are prolix, convoluted and labyrinthine. 

At The Competitive Edge with Gilbert + Tobin podcast we're sometimes prolix, convoluted and labyrinthine, so we're proud to present this cryptic crossword which includes some cartel offences and other competition law and regulation themes, plus some movie references and other words that were the only ones that fit. 

Feel free to complete online or print out the PDF.