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Instructions: Click on any grid cell to highlight the Across Slot containing that cell. Click again to highlight the corresponding Down Slot. When a grid cell is selected, it will be highlighted in yellow, and the corresponding Slot will be highlighted in grey. Use the keyboard to enter letters in the highlighted slot, starting from the yellow cell.

The clues for both the across and down entry containing the highlighted cell will be highlighted in red, so you don't have to manually scroll through the clues.

Click Revert to clear the grid and start over.

Click Save to store your current work so you can resume the puzzle later.

To Print the crossword as a PDF, go back to Word-Buff's Feature Crossword Puzzle page and click the image that reads "Click to Print".

The Solution to each crossword will be displayed on Word-Buff's Feature Crossword Puzzle page when the next feature crossword is posted.

Crossword Puzzle Demo