Sudoku Puzzles

Free online sudokus and printable sudoku puzzles of all levels are available here. For the printable sudokus, click the PDF link below the bottom right corner of each online puzzle.

Complete the sudoku puzzles by filling in the numbers one to nine so that the numbers only appear once in every row, column, and region. For more information on how to play sudoku, read "Solving Sudoku" at

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Medium Difficulty Sudoku 2
Difficult Sudoku 3
Difficult Sudoku 1
Very Easy Sudoku 5
Easy Sudoku 2
Medium Difficulty Sudoku 1
Very Easy Sudoku 2
Easy Sudoku 3
Very Easy Sudoku 4
Difficult Sudoku 2
Easy Sudoku 1
Medium Difficulty Sudoku 5
Very Easy Sudoku 3
Easy Sudoku 5
Easy Sudoku 2
Very Easy Sudoku 1
Difficult Sudoku 5
Medium Difficulty Sudoku 4
Easy Sudoku 4
Medium Difficulty Sudoku 3
Difficult Sudoku 4