The Wood Family Hidden Words
A Christmas 2009 Family Gift
By Greg EW

Here's one of those annoying "circle the word" ways to spend some time.  BUT, all the words have some historical relationship or significance to the Kembles, the Woods, the Sands or some ancestor of yours.

You'll find all the words, names and phrases on the right somewhere in the square.  Each goes either down, across or diagonally up or down to the right.  (I could have made it much harder with backwards spellings, but I wanted to spare everyone the frustration.)  Just click-and-drag to circle the words.

The PDF link at the bottom right will enable you to print this out to work on it offline.

BUTTON NOTES:  "Revert" is the 'undo' button.  "Check" will remove one or more of your incorrect selections.  "Reveal" will reveal the highlighted word on the list on the right, and "Solution" is when you're ready to give up and everything is revealed!

Have Fun!