Alternative Flight Paths
A themed crossword puzzle
Philip Voystock Jr.

When you've completed the puzzle you can click on Submit a message will appear letting you know if you filled in the entire puzzle correctly. You can also click Solution at any time to reveal the full solution.

You can increase the size of your screen and the puzzle by pressing Ctrl and + on your Windows PC. Use Command and + on a MAC. To return your browser to normal size use Ctrl 0 (zero) on PC or Command 0 (zero) on a MAC.

Click on any numbered square in the puzzle to start entering a word. A yellow square will be highlighted and this is where your text will go when you begin typing on your keyboard. On whatever square you click you will see the Across and Down clues highlighted in red. Click once on the same numbered square to switch back and forth from Across to Down. The gray spaces following the yellow square show whether you will be entering a word Across or Down. Continue typing your word and the gray squares will be filled in. Arrow keys on your keyboard will navigate left/right, up/down to the next word or squares.

You can also click on a clue at right and your cursor will navigate to the starting letter space on the puzzle for that clue. Scroll with the scroll bar at right to see more clues. Hovering over clues and using your mouse scroll bar will also quickly scroll through the clues.

To replace any letter, click on that square to highlight it in yellow and type a new letter. Continuing typing will fill in any gray squares that follow it.

You can delete any letter by clicking on it and pressing Delete or Backspace on your keyboard. Continuing to press Backspace will also delete letters on the gray squares that come before it.

Click on PDF at the lower right below the clue list and you can download or print a .PDF file of the puzzle and clues to take with you and solve anywhere.

Have fun and good luck.