MPorium Anniversary
BlueJay, Liari, MP

Hi everyone. This week marks the 1 year anniversary of Liari and BlueJay joining this discord. So, we wanted to do something special for everyone.

BlueJay: I would like to thank the MPorium for the welcome into a community that I needed. With the lack of cryptic crossword appreciation in the now inaccurately named CTC youtube discord server, I felt a little abandoned. One year ago, thanks to Liari's discovery of MP's discord, I was delighted to find a community of incredible people who have not only improved my crossword construction, but my general mood, outlook and motivation to keep improving my clues! So thank you, MPorium, for a year of membership!

Liari:  Almost 2 years ago, I discovered cryptic crosswords existed by watching CTC's YouTube channel. I then joined CTC's discord where I met others (like BlueJay and Elgel) who did cryptic crosswords. Last year, I began watching one setter stream sudoku on Twitch and wondered if anyone streamed cryptic crosswords. I believe I found Joe's stream first, and there I met everyone else, including MP, which led me here. I am so happy to have met all of you!  I really do not know where I would be without you. You have helped me tremendously, not only in growing as a setter and solver but also in my everyday life. So I am just going to echo what BlueJay said: "Thank you, MPorium, for a year of membership!"

We hope you enjoy this puzzle!

13 clues have wordplay but are not further defined. A 14th answer, somewhere in the grid, clued appropriately, will reveal the theme that connects the undefined 13 answers